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Turquoise and Coral Rose N_S32323_325076     $1025.00 image 6713.jpg
MOP and Coral Necklace N_S32323_325072     $458.00
Rubylite and Pearls  N_S32323_325074     $395.00
Mix Color Pearls with SS Chain  N_S32323_325063     $195.00
Mix Stones Choker N_S32323_325062     $255.00
Moonstone and Mookite flower N_S32323_325065     $255.00
Chalcedony and Pearls
Lemon Quartz Necklace
Pearls and Cameo Pendant N_S32323_325082     $485.00
Fresh Water Pearls Necklace
Mix Pearls Lariat N_S32323_325061a     $130.00
Amber Nuggets.jpg
Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz N_S32323_325073     $245.00
Coral Rose Pendant
Opal Pendant
Coral Set N_S32323_325068b    $78.00
Hot Pink Chalcedony  N_S32323_325060   $230.00
Turquoise Pendant

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