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Handmade Quality Jewelry
Amazing selection of beaded necklaces and beaded Bracelets.
Sterling Silver
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry - Necklaces Breaelets
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Garnet and Crystal Bracelet Watch B_WATCH121105     $98.00
Swarovski  Crystal Watch
Swarovski Crystal B_CRY121105     $148.00
Swarovski Crystal
Crystal Bracelet
Swarovski Bracelet.JPG  B_SWR414051     $69.00
Swarovski Crystal
MOP and Swarovski Crystal.jpg

Mix Crystal Bracelet.jpg
Crystal Bracelet.jpg  B_SWR415052     $69.00
Swarovski Crystal
Labradorite and Crystal Bracelet.jpg

Crystal and MOP.jpg
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet.jpg
Pearls and Crystals B_PCR323059     $65.00
Pearls and Crystals
Macasite and Crystal
Turquoise  and Swarovski  Bracelet.  B_TRQ323051     $69.00
Turquoise & Crystals
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet  B_SWR323053     $85.00
Crystal Bracelet
Pearls and Crystal Bracelet
Rock Crystal and Pearls Bracelet
Onyx and Pearls Bracelet
Silver and Crystal Bracelet.jpg
Swarovski Crystal and Thai Silver.jpg
Crystal and Sterling Silver.jpg

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Unique Handcrafted  designer Beaded Bracelets.  Sterling Silver and 14k Goldfiled.
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