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Creative Bead Designs - Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets
What better way to accentuate your outfit than with a beautiful Bracelet .  These Bracelets comes in many unique styles, colors, gemstones and sizes.  They are fun for everyone, and for  of all ages.
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Our bangles and cuff bracelets are made with sterling silver and gemstones.   Bangles can be ordered in sizes and semiprecious gemstones color.  custom orders for bangles will take 7 - 10 days.
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Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets

Sterling Silver Cuff  B_SHR93005     $55.00
Abundance Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet B_SSCB12107        $149.00
Turquoise and Coral Cuff Bracelet.JPG B_CFTRQ92706          $194.00
Turquoise Bracelet.JPG B_TURQ092706         $135.00
Chunky Turquoise Wire Bracelet
Shop by Gemstones Necklaces:
Sterling Silver Skull Bracelet B_SKULL13007        $69.00
Sterling Silver Ring.jpg
Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet B_CFTRQ92706          $35.00
Cuff Bracelet with Peridot
Silver Chain
Sterling Silver Bracelet.JPG B_SSLK092706        $45.00
Copper Cuff Bracelet.JPG
Twisted Copper Cuff Bracelet B_TWCOPP092706  $8.00
Copper Bracelet.JPG B_CTWB092706          $8.00
Copper2 Cuff Bracelet.JPG  B_COPR092706          $8.00
Amethyst Cuff Bracelet.JPG
Brushed Silver and Rhinestone Bangle.JPG B_BRSIL092706          $15.00

SAFE: Very low or no risk issues.

Multi Mix gemstone Bracelet.jpg
Amber Cuff  B_AMBR93005     $135.00
Amber Wire  B_AMWR93005     $95.00
B_AQA1004 Amber Bracelet.jpg
Green Amber B_GRNAM93005     $59.00
Amber Bracelet2.jpg
EARTHY Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet
Amber Bracelet3.jpg
Amethyst Circle Bracelet.jpg
Amber Rose Bracelet.jpg
Garnet Amethyst Bracelet.jpg
Ruby and Sterling Silver Bangles.jpg
Sterling Silver.jpg
Sparkle B_SPARKLE 13107       $120.00
Turquoise Cuff Bracelet.jpg
Skinny Cuff Bracelet with Amathyst
Aquamarine and Smokey Topaz Bracelet.jpg
Coral Peridot Bracelet.jpg
Turquoise Coral Bracelet
Tigereye Ring
Bunch of Bangles
Sterling Silver Bracelet
Agate Wire Bracelet
OnyxSterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Amethyst Cuff Bracelet
Dichroic Bracelet
How to clean Sterling silver:
 To avoid tarnishing, small cloth pouches may be used to protect a silver bracelet, along with a small zip lock bag or a separate compartment in a jewelry box.  When cleaning your silver bracelet, never follow the myth of using toothpaste, for it contains small abrasive granules the scratch the silver bracelet. Silver in sterling silver bracelet reacts to sulfur and sulfides. Never allow your silver bracelet  to come in contact with egg yolks for it will react to the sulfur dioxide.   Another chemical to be wary of when cleaning your sterling silver bracelet is chlorine.   Always remove your silver bracelet before entering a pool for it will tarnish black over time.

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