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Beaded Bracelets /Handcrafted Beaded Gemstones Bracelets, Citrine, Carnelian, Pearls, Moonstones, Swarovski crystals
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Our handmade semi precious beaded bracelets comes in an array of styles and designs that will compliment any outfit.  Our Bracelets are stylish, versatile, fun and simple irrestible. Depending on the style you choose, you'll find the perfect bracelet that really round out your total look, and even add a touch of elegance. Add one of our semiprecious bracelets to your jewelry wardrobe. They're flirty, capricious and downright elegant. They will always add a sense of completion to any ensemble. Plus, look for our Mothers Bracelets and sterling Silver Bracelets
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Check out our wide range of Beaded Bracelets.  What better way to accentuate your outfit than with a unique designer Gemstone beaded bracelet These handmade beaded bracelets comes in many styles, colors, gemstones and sizes.  They are fun for everyone, and for  of all ages.

Mix Beads Bracelet B_MIX12107    $69.00

Multi Mix Gemstones Bracelet B_MIXIT41206     $139.00
 Mix Gemstones-Citrine
Carnelian and Silver Bracelet  B_CRN415054    $59.00

Labradorite Bracelet
Cats eye Bracelet.jpg

Amazonite Bracelet.jpg

Gemstone Beaded Necklaces         
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Beaded Bracelets

Sterling Silver Bracelet  B_SSB121205     $45.00
Sterling Silver
Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelet B_MSPB121205     $69.00
Multi-Strand Pearls

Swarovski Crystal B_CRY121105     $148.00
Swarovski Crystal

Garnet and Crystal Bracelet Watch B_WATCH121105     $98.00
Swarovski  Crystal Watch
Garnet Bracelet
Garnet  with Prayer box

Mix Crystal Bracelet.jpg

Amethyst and Pearls Bracelet.jpg

Amethyst Gemstone Mix Bracelet AMTH41306       $145.00
Crystal Bracelet
Coral and Turquoise Bracelet
Coral and Turquoise
Swarovski Crystal and Thai Silver.jpg

Swarovski Crystal and Thai Silver.jpg

Carnelian and Pearls B_CPB3230515    $65.00
Carnelian and Pearls
Malachite and crystal  B_MCR3230514     $65.00

Malachite and Crystals

Shop by Gemstones Necklaces:

Turquoise and Coral Bracelet B_TCB121205     $49.00
Turquoise and Coral

Dichroic and Silver Bracelet  B_DSB121205     $79.00
Dichroic and Silver
Mix gemstone Bracelet.jpg

Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet B_MGPB121205     $165.00
Multi-strand Green Pearls
olite Briolette Bracelet.jpg

Mix Gemstones Link Bracelet B_LINK41306          $139.00

Multi- Mix Bracelet

Carnelian and Peridot
Silver and Crystal Bracelet.jpg

Citrine Bracelet
Three strands Pearls and Silver Bracelet.JPG B_FWP092706     $59.00
Lampwork charm Bracelet.jpg

Pearl and Carnelian


Amethyst and Labradorite B_AMT93005     $69.00
Amethyst and Labradorite

Dicroic  B_DICH93005     $89.00
Swarovski Bracelet.JPG  B_SWR414051     $69.00
Swarovski Crystal
Lapis and Turquoise Bracelet  B_TRLP415051       $55.00
Turquoise & Lapis
MOP and Swarovski Crystal.jpg

Mix Stones Beaded Bracelet.JPG B_MXSB92706     $58.00
Crystal Bracelet.jpg  B_SWR415052     $69.00
Swarovski Crystal
Labradorite Fringe Bracelet B_LAB41306     $69.00
Olive Quartz mix Bracelet B_OLIV41206        $139.00

 Mix Gemstones-Olive Quartz
Coral Bracelet  B_COR415055     $65.00
Coral and Thai Silver

Amber Bracelet.JPG B_AMCRD9226      $69.00

Yellow Turquoise and Coral.jpg
Labradorite and Crystal Bracelet.jpg

34701dFreshwater Pearls8b0.jpg
Crystal and MOP.jpg
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet.jpg
Turquoise Mix Bracelet.jpg
Macasite and Crystal

Check our wide range of Beaded Bracelet
Turquoise  and Swarovski  Bracelet.  B_TRQ323051     $69.00
Turquoise & Crystals

White Pearls and silver  B_PRLS323052     $85.00
Pearls and Silver
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet  B_SWR323053     $85.00
Turquoise and Coral  B_TRQ323054    $58.00
Turquoise and Coral
Pink Chalcedony Charm Bracelet.jpg
Glass charm Bracelet.jpg
Smokey Quartz Bracelet. B_SQB323055     $80.00
Smoky Quartz
Pearls and Crystals B_PCR323059     $65.00
Pearls and Crystals
Pearls and Silver   B_PRLS323057     $69.00

Pearls chalcedony and silver Bracelet B_PSC323058    $69.00

Pearls, silver and Chalcedony
Chunky Moonstone Bracelet.jpg
Black Onyx B_BOX3230518     $125.00

Black Onyx
Pearls and CarnelianB_CAR3230511
Carnelian and Pearls
Peacock Pearls and Amethyst Bracelet B_AMT3230512     $58.00

Amethyst and Pearls
Turquoise and Citrine Beaded Bracelet.JPG
Turquoise Mix
Chalcedony Bracelet B_CHA3230513     $58.00
Blue Chalcedony
Poppy Jasper Bracelet.jpg
Purple Chalcedony Bracelet B_PUR3230520    $59.00
Purple Chalcedony
Garnet and Bali Silver
Garnet  With Prayer Box
Blue Topaz and Tourmaline Bracelet B_BLTB41306         $55.00
Blue Topaz
Red Jade Bracelet.jpg
Red Jade and Black Onyx
Crystal Bracelet
Lampwork Bead Bracelet B_LBC12107    $59.00
Chunky Jasper Bracelet.jpg
Onyx Cuff Bracelet
Burst of Garnet  Fringe Bracelet
Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet.JPG
Sterling Silver
Bone and garnet
Garnet and sterling Silver Bracelets B-BSG12207       $58.00
Onyx and Pearls Bracelet
Multi Strand Shell Bracelet.jpg

Amethyst Cuff Bracelet
Flourite Bracelet
Garnet and Pearls Bracelet B_GFP12207           $75.00
Jazz Z Vintage Bead and Crystals B_JAZZZ13107          $225.00
Bumble Bee
Pearls and Crystal Bracelet
Rock Crystal and Pearls Bracelet
Dichroic Bracelet
Apple Coral B_APCORAL2207          $58.00
Blue Chalcedony  Bracelet
Mixstones Bracelet.jpg
MOP and Crystal Bracelet.jpg
Green Pearls

Dichroic and Pearls
Crystal and Sterling Silver.jpg
Freshwater Pearls and Silver.jpg

Carnelian and Turquoise
Carnelian and Turquoise
 Amethyst Bracelet
Unique Handcrafted  designer Beaded Bracelets.  Sterling Silver and 14k Goldfiled.
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