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Rhodonite Necklace
Rhodonite Necklace

Handcrafted with 6mm faceted Rhodonite beads with drop pendant. Sterling Silver Toggle clasp.  Necklace is 16"
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N_RH42804          $59.00

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Rhodolite (meaning rose stone in Greek) is a purple-red to pink-red variety of garnet and is a combination of almandine and pyrope (it is sometimes called pyrope-almandine garnet). This silicate stone has a hardness of 7-7.5 and a specific gravity of 3.5 - 4.3. The formula for garnet is: A3B2(SiO4)3. Rhodolite is found in the US, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Rhodolite is not enhanced.

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